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DA-AS - Digital Art and Design


Official Name of Program

Digital Art and Design

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

AS - Associate in Science



NYSED Program Code

26677 - DA-AS

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The A.S. degree program in Digital Art and Design is structured to prepare students to enter the greatly expanding field of new media, a field which has been revolutionized in the last 20 years with the advent of computer graphics programs. In addition to four basic courses that provide a solid background in art, students take five courses in digital art and design, which develop computer skills for fine and applied arts. A required course in the History of Graphic Design gives students an overview of graphic design in historical context. A suggested Art History elective provides a broad knowledge of art in general. With this preparation, students will be able to design for industry.

Digital Art and Design students should take ARTS-192 as Writing Intensive course requirements.

Specifically, the program provides students with:

  • knowledge of current widely used programs in the design field

  • proficiency in operating these programs

  • understanding of the means and methods of mass production of artwork using these programs

  • skills for working with and understanding the computer and the technical problems associated with operating a computer

  • knowledge based on awareness of the importance of aesthetic judgment in making design decisions.