Humanities Electives

These are general knowledge courses in art, dance, English, foreign languages and literatures, history, music, philosophy, religion, and speech. Listed below are the humanities courses taught at QCC.

  • Art: (History and Appreciation): ARTH-100 to ARTH-120

  • Dance: DAN-111

  • English:  (Literature/Creative  Writing): All courses except ENGL-101 and ENGL-102

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures:

    Arabic: LA-111, LA-112 and LA-213

    Chinese: LC-111 to LC-312

    French: LF-111 to LF-401

    German: LG-111 to LG-812

    Hebrew: LH-111 to LH-214

    Italian: LI-111 to LI-401

    Spanish: LS-111 to LS-402

  • History: All courses

  • Music (History and Appreciation): MUS-101 to MUS-105

  • Philosophy: (Philosophy and Religion):

    PHIL-101 to PHIL-180; RELI-101

  • Speech Communication and Theatre Arts: SP-211 to

    SP-472, TH-111 and TH-120.