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Applied and Specialized Courses

The following applied and specialized courses may NOT be used either:

  1. to make up any part of the basic liberal arts and sciences core

  2. to fulfill the “Liberal Arts elective” requirements in any curriculum

They may, however, be chosen as Free Electives, in consultation with an Academy adviser.

Note: All courses that are NOT in the following list will meet Liberal Arts and Sciences elective requirements.

  • Art and Design: All courses except ARTH- series

  • Biological Sciences: BI-150, BI-250, BI-325, BI-330, BI-331, BI-340, BI-341, BI-401, BI-403, BI-451, BI-452, BI-455, BI-456, BI-457, BI-505, BI-510, BI-550/551, BI-554, BI-950/951/952, BI-961, BI-991

  • Business: All courses

  • Criminal Justice: CRIM-106, CRIM-201, CRIM-202, CRIM-203, CRIM-204

  • Education: All courses

  • Engineering Technology: All courses except ET-841 (Common Core 1C), and ET-570, ET-575, ET-821 and ET-880 (Common Core 2E)

  • Health Education and Healing Arts: All courses except HE-103, HE-105, HE-107 and HE-108 (Common Core 2E)

  • Interdisciplinary: IS-210, IS-220

  • Mathematics: MA-261, MA-901, MA-905, MA-906

  • Music: All courses except MUS-101, MUS-102, MUS-103, MUS-104, MUS-105 and MUS-241

  • Nursing: All courses

  • Physical Education: All courses except DAN-111

  • Physics: PH-232-236, PH-450, PH-931

  • Speech Communication and Theatre Arts: TH-133, TH-233, TH-122, TH 222, TH-132/232, TH-133/233, TH-124, SP-900 and SP-901