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Academic Advisement By Academy

Academy Advisement

Queensborough Academies offer degree students a cohort experience centered on their field of study. Through ongoing outreach and coordinated academic and student support services, representing a partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the Academies environment nurtures the growth of the individual student, and fosters a commitment to learning, as well as a sense of community. Students will be affiliated with one of five Academies based on their chosen program of study: Business; Health Related Sciences; Liberal Arts (including Education and Criminal Justice); Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics; or Visual and Performing Arts.

Queensborough Academy Advisement:

The Office for Academy Advisement is located in the Library Building: Rooms L-430 and L434

Your adviser’s information and location can be found in your CUNY First student page, the Starfish platform, and the QCC app.

The Queensborough Academies feature: intentional advisement, high impact activities and instructional practices, student support services, and the use of technology tools for enhanced communications, self-service, and interventions for students identified as at risk. Advisement is organized in a caseload model, led by Academy Advisers who help guide students until their degree is complete.

Academy Advisers are prepared to advise students in all degree programs. Students affiliated with ASAP, College Discovery, International Student Services, Services for Students with Disabilities, CSTEP, and Military & Veterans Services will be served by an adviser in those programs. Faculty Coordinators, affiliated with each Academy will serve as cross-disciplinary liaisons to the academic departments and to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in support of faculty development and academy-based activities.

The purpose of Academy-based Academic Advisement is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals. Academy Advisement includes, but is not limited to, the selection of specific courses that best meet students’ educational goals, both short and long term, and aid in dealing with such related areas as career goals, motivation, study skills, time-management and advanced study. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans and life goals rests with the individual students. The Academy Adviser will assist students to identify and assess alternatives and the consequences of their decisions.

Online Degree Works Audit

The College online advisement system (DegreeWorks) is available to students, faculty/staff to use during the advisement process. The Queensborough degree audit system allows students to take a proactive approach towards their educational planning. It provides up-to-date information regarding their degree requirements and encourages better planning for course selection. Students can access the degree audit system through the CUNY First Student Services Center. For further information, please visit the website of the Registrar or Academy Advisement.

Introduction To College Life For New Students

The Department of Student Affairs offers orientation courses for incoming students which provide an important introduction to college life. To learn more, see Student Affairs or call the Counseling Center at 718-631-6370.