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Transfer Resource Center 

Library Building, Room 434
Transfer Resource Center Website

Renee Rhodd, Director

Susan Madera, Transfer Manager

Lenny Sanchez. Administrative Coordinator

The Queensborough Community College Transfer Resource Center provides services that support students planning to transition to a four-year college upon completion of associate degree requirements. It is advised that students should become aware of the procedures necessary for a smooth transition. It is never too early to start planning to transfer.

The acceptance into a specific program of study at a four-year college depends on selecting the appropriate program of study, the earned Grade Point Average (GPA) at Queensborough (high demand programs are more competitive and require a higher grade point average for admission) and the number of applicants for a particular program.

Our Resource Center in partnership with academy advisers, and student managers assists and supports students planning to transition to a baccalaureate degree program. We provide guidance as students’ transition to other colleges within the City University of New York (CUNY), the State University of New York (SUNY), and other public and independent colleges and universities.

 The Transfer Resource Center can assist you with:

  • Creating a plan to ensure you meet the admission requirements of your chosen institution.

  • Understanding the benefit of enrolling in an academic program that has an articulation agreement or dual/joint agreement.

  • Resources such as transfer scholarship information and college guides to help you make the best choice.

  • Connecting with an admissions representatives from four-year colleges during College Table Visits and our Annual College Transfer Fair.

  • Using the CUNY transfer credit equivalency tools that are available.

  • Navigating the application process.

To ensure that students maximize the number of transfer credits transferring, students planning to transfer should to do the following:

  • Plan to earn your associate’s degree.

  • Select courses in consultation with an academy adviser or student manager.

  • Attend a Four-Year College Planning workshop.

  • Consult early with a Transfer Manager.

For additional information on transitioning and a listing of articulation agreements please contact the Transfer Resource Center or visit its website.

Articulation Agreements

Transfer agreements (alternatively known as articulation agreements) are arrangements between Queensborough Community College and four-year colleges or universities that maximize transfer credit to the four-year institution. These agreements list specific course requirements at Queensborough that are equivalent to the first two years of study at the baccalaureate-granting college or university. Students must graduate from Queensborough Community College to take full advantage of benefits outlined in the articulation and/or dual joint agreements.

Transfer What-If and Transfer Explorer

Transfer What-If is a feature within the DegreeWorks online degree audit system that is available to current Queensborough students. It lets students and their advisors see how courses taken at Queensborough, would transfer to another CUNY institution and apply towards a desired area of study. Transfer What-If can make planning for a transition among CUNY colleges easier. It also helps advisers to keep students who plan to transition to a specific program at another CUNY college on track, thus accelerating degree completion.  Students can access Transfer What-If once signed into the online degree audit system.

Transfer Explorer gives all students fast and easy access to information on how any CUNY course offered will transfer to any other CUNY college. For additional information on these transfer tools and transfer policies, please contact the Transfer Resource Center and/or view the Transfer Resource Center website.

 Special Transfer Opportunities for Queensborough Community College Graduates

Transfer scholarships open doors for community college students to continue their education at four-year colleges. They offer financial support, mentorship, and leadership training. These opportunities, enable students to pursue their dreams and succeed in their academic journey.

  • Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship:  This is a highly selective award for the nations' top community college students. It helps students finish their bachelor's degrees at a four-year college or university. Cooke Scholars receive assistance with college planning, ongoing advising, financial support for two to three years and a chance to connect with other Scholars.

  • Kaplan Leadership Program:  It is all about turning your passion into action. It's for students who want to make a positive impact in their community and beyond. Through workshops and hands-on experiences, you'll build leadership skills and learn to make a difference. In addition to academic scholarships, funding may be available to assist with living expenses and other resources needed to help to ensure college completion. Kaplan Leadership Scholars receive individualized academic advising, transfer counseling, college tours, summer study opportunities, and mentoring from corporate leaders.

  • Transfer Scholars Network:  Is an exclusive platform for high-achieving QCC students. It offers an opportunity to connect with admissions officers from 14 top-tier four-year institutions known for generous financial aid programs. Students who become a part of the Transfer Scholars Network will receive ongoing support from staff at these schools assisting with the transfer process, including the admissions application, financial aid, and the evaluation of transfer credits.