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Career Services

Library Building, Room 429
Career Services Website

QCC Handshake Website - Access job and internship postings; make an appointment with a team member in the Office of Career Services

Constance Peluso, Director

The Office of Career Services is committed to providing comprehensive career advisement and professional development services to all students and recent alumni. The staff educates and advises students about careers and associated curricula of the College and experiential learning including all aspects of the job/internship search process; assists in the preparation of resumes and all professional correspondence; and works to improve critical interviewing skills and understanding of the competencies employers seek and strategies students can use  to become competitive candidates for opportunities. Resources are provided through one-to-one remote and in-person conferences, classroom presentations, an interactive website and e-mail correspondence. Career Services partners with the Academies of the College, the Introduction to College Life and Strategies for College Success courses, Cooperative Education courses, faculty and special programs to bring the teaching of professional development to the classroom.

Career Services coordinates remote recruitment activities by business and non-profit organizations with the departments of the College, throughout the school year.

Many useful resources can be found on the Career Services website, all free to Queensborough Community College students, including Handshake, an online recruiting platform for higher education students and alumni providing internship and job announcements; FOCUS 2, a self-guided program helping students explore and make decisions about their career goals and major area of study; SkillsFirst, helping  students  create resumes, practice interviewing and assess skills; and Pathful Explore, enabling students to learn about many careers and occupations from professionals in the field through compelling videos. 

Students are encouraged to seek advisement from Career Services staff as early as freshman year to progress in their career development and achieve the maximum benefit from the Office’s many resources.

Career Services communicates with students frequently through Office 365 student email. Students are urged to check their student email frequently for news of upcoming events and job/internship opportunities.