Center For Tutoring And Academic Support

Library Building, First Floor, Rooms L-113 and 115
Phone: 718-631-6660
Center For Tutoring And Academic Support Website

Stefan Spezio, Director

Located on the first floor of the Schmeller Library Building, the Center for Tutoring and Academic Support (CTAS) provides face-to-face and online tutoring and other academic support interventions for all essential courses (with the exception of math – see Math Learning Center) as well as for writing assignments across the curriculum. With its friendly staff of highly trained tutors, mentors, and other instructional support personnel, the CTAS provides QCC students with services designed to strengthen their academic skills and meet their personal learning goals.

Tutoring and support personnel receive professional development each semester in techniques including implementing learning style strategies, critical thinking skills, study skills, group dynamics, and the use of educational technology as both a teaching and learning tool. With their high degree of professionalism and competence, center support staff enable students to become more independent, self-regulated learners and expressive communicators.

Center services include:

  • Assist with understanding course specific content and concepts

  • Assist with drafting, organizing, and revising all writing assignments including research papers, reports, and journals for all classes across the curriculum

  • In-center and online class visits providing small group tutoring to an entire class section focusing on a specific assignment

  • Live online course-specific and writing assistance available via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

  • Online asynchronous writing tutoring via TigerWrite

  • Small group tutoring sessions including reading and grammar review sessions to strengthen students’ comprehension and address sentence-level grammatical concerns

  • Small group tutoring sessions and workshops fostering academic and personal development including English language communication

  • Providing access to learning tools including anatomical models, microscopes, and slides as well as multiple subject specific software packages

  • Course-specific exam and topic review sessions

Students may also use multiple spaces within the Center for their own study needs. The Center provides a dedicated space (Life Lab) for students studying the life sciences that allows students to access anatomical models, microscopes and other materials on their own or in groups under the supervision of a tutor or laboratory assistant. Additionally, the Center has a dedicated space for students looking to study on their own, attend an online course, or meet in a study group.

Instructors may refer students to the Center for Tutoring and Academic Support informally or through using Starfish. Students are invited and encouraged to visit the Center either virtually or face-to-face on their own. Tutoring sessions are available by appointment (either one-time or recurring), on a drop-in basis in both face-to-face and online modalities. The center is open Monday through Saturday, including four evenings a week (Monday-Thursday). Call, email, or visit our website for additional information. All CTAS services are available at no additional cost to QCC students.