Department: Art and Design

Department of Art And Design

C Building, Room 106
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Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Kathleen Wentrack, Chairperson

  • Professors: Bob Rogers, Kathleen Wentrack

  • Associate Professors: Javier Cambre, Anissa Mack, Hayes P. Mauro

  • Assistant Professors: Liz DiGiorgio, Jasper Lin, Nathaniel Sullivan, Kebedech Tekleab

  • Lecturers: Annemarie Coffey, Katherine Griefen

  • College Laboratory Technician: Kenneth Powell, Jin Hee Choi

  • Adjunct Faculty: approximately 12 each year

  • Office Personnel: Arlene Rodriguez, CUNY Office Assistant

  • Professors Emeriti: Jules T. Allen, Lola B. Gellman, Paul Tschinkel, Kenneth Walpuck

For information about the academic programs offered by the Department of Art and Design, contact the Department or the following advisers as soon as possible after admission to work out an individual program of study:

  • Art History: Kathleen Wentrack, Hayes Mauro

  • Digital Art and Design: Jasper Lin, Anissa Mack, Nathaniel Sullivan

  • Photography: Bob Rogers

  • Studio Art: Javier Cambre, Annemarie Coffey, Liz DiGiorgio, Kebedech Tekleab

  • Gallery & Museum Studies: Katherine Griefen

Note: All studio art, art history, photography, and digital art courses may be taken as electives. Check course descriptions for pre-and corequisites.

Programs of Study

  • Art - Art & Design or Art History Concentration (A.S. Degree Program)

    Students interested in majoring in Art, Art History and/or Photography may enroll in this degree program.

  • Gallery and Museum Studies (A.S. Degree Program)

    The A.S. in Gallery and Museum Studies offers students foundation courses in administration, conservation, and curatorial work in art galleries and museums, and liberal arts courses necessary for the gallery and museum field. The program is articulated with the B.A. program in Art History at Queens College.

  • Digital Art and Design (A.S. Degree Program)

    Students interested in new media, digital design, graphic and web-based design, web animation, or photo retouching, etc. should consider the Associate Degree program in Digital Art and Design.

Transfer Options

Within the CUNY System, many colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in Art, Art History, and Digital Art and Design. (See CUNY's Academic Programs website for more information.) Many other colleges and universities in New York City and the region also offer bachelor’s degree programs in those fields. Please contact the Transfer Resource Center or the Department for more information.


Queensborough Community College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).


The facilities of the Department of Art and Design include studios for painting, drawing, and graphic arts, with an etching press for intaglio prints; a sculpture studio and a ceramics studio; a photography darkroom with up-to-date equipment for black and white and color processing and for studio photography; computer labs for digital art and design including digital photograph, animation, and motion graphics.

Departmental Awards For Student Excellence

The Department of Art and Design Awards for special merit/excellence in Art History, Gallery and Museum Studies, Studio Art, Digital Art and Design, and Photography.

Art and Design Department Museum and Gallery Studies Advisory Board

Kathleen Wentrack, Chair
Eva Mayha Davis
Carla Hernandez
Marisa Hollywood
Danyelle Means
Alexander Unthank