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Laboratory Science Courses

All degree programs at QCC have a laboratory science requirement. Courses that satisfy the laboratory science requirement may be found under Required Core Area 1C. Students who are not enrolled in a curriculum in science, technology, engineering, or technology (otherwise referred to as non-STEM students) may take a 3-credit offering from Biology, Chemistry, Engineering Technology, or Physics along with the applicable one-credit laboratory component.

Combinations for non-STEM students under 1C of the Common Core include:

  • BI-131 and BI-132

  • CH-101 and CH-102

  • CH-110 and CH-111

  • CH-120 and CH-121

  • ET-841 and ET-842

  • PH-111 and PH-112.

Courses in bold satisfy Common Core requirements under 1C; the laboratory component attached to the Common Core course satisfies degree requirements.

Students who are enrolled in STEM curricula, however, must enroll in a 4-credit (or more) STEM course identified under Required Core Area 1C with an asterisk. Non-STEM students have the option of taking a STEM course, but it is not required.

Many STEM degree programs require a specific course be taken to satisfy Required Core 1C. In all cases, students should consult the specific degree requirements for their major.