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Student Affairs and Support Services

Student Affairs and Support Services

Library Building, Room 412
Student Affairs Website

Department of Student Affairs

Brian Mitra, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Veronica Lukas, Dean of Enrollment Management
Tikola Russell, Dean of Students

Office Personnel:
Annette Lazaro, Confidential Executive Coordinator
Reynald Pierre-Charles, CUNY Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Klein, Student Life Manager for Community Standards and Academic Integrity
Erika Gaynor, Administrative Coordinator

It is the responsibility of each person on campus to speak, act, and live from a perspective of civility.

To act with civility is to act with honesty conscious intention clarity of thought clarity of action deep interpersonal respect and personal responsibility.

Civility recognizes the importance of diversity and the value of all contributions and works to maintain the dignity and rights of every individual.