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Department of Public Safety

Library Building, 3rd Floor
718-631-6320, 6384


The Department of Public Safety is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors to Queensborough Community College, CUNY. The Department maintains and promotes respect for the individual rights and dignity of all persons and continually attempts to instill public confidence by maintaining a high degree of professionalism, dedication and expertise in the delivery of the service it provides.

The Public Safety Department is located on the 3rd floor of the Library Building and is responsible for all campus security and public safety concerns. Campus Peace Officers are sworn law enforcement officers with arrest powers, receiving their authority from Section 2.10, sub.79 of the Criminal Procedure Law (CPL) of the State of New York. The department also employs Campus Security Assistants (CSA’s) who assist the department in its functions. These non-sworn officers are registered and trained in accordance with the provisions of the New York State Security Guard Act.

How to Report a Crime or Other Emergency

Red security telephones have been installed in corridors throughout the campus. The phone will automatically dial the Public Safety Department when the handset is picked up. These phones should only be used in emergencies. The Department can also be reached from campus phones by dialing ext. 6320 or 6384 or from an outside phone at (718) 631- 6320/ 6384. The department also urges all members of the College community to program their cell phones with the Public Safety number, 1-718-631- 6320, to facilitate contact during emergencies.

Incidents can also be reported by responding directly to the Public Safety Office located on the 3rd floor of the Library Building.

When reporting a crime or incident please provide as much information as possible to include:

  • Details of what happened

  • Specific location

  • Identity and/or description of person(s) involved

  • Date and time of incident

  • Be as specific as possible when giving any information to  the Department of Public Safety (i.e. description of person (s), vehicles (s), locations, directions of travel, etc.)

The Public Safety Department should be notified immediately of any threat to the safety and security of any member of the College community. Such reports may include criminal matters, medical emergencies, disturbances, fires, and damage to personal or college property, equipment or buildings.

An immediate investigation will be conducted into the details of such reports. Written reports are kept on file in the Public Safety Office and copies are distributed to the appropriate College departments. If deemed appropriate, the Department will also notify the New York Police Department (NYPD) per University Department of Public Safety protocol. The Department of Public Safety maintains a close professional relationship with the members of the NYPD’s 111th Precinct regarding matters of mutual concern affecting members of the College community both on and off campus.

Department of Public Safety Services

The Public Safety Department serves the College 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. Uniformed officers patrol the campus by vehicle, on bicycle and by foot to handle emergencies, address safety and security concerns and perform enforcement duties.

Constant radio communication is maintained with all Public Safety units on campus so that on-site assistance can be summoned immediately and, if deemed necessary, off-site emergency assistance can be requested.

The department can also assist members of the College community in many non-emergency situations to include building and room openings, direction assistance, vehicle problems, referral information, etc.

If security concerns exist, the department will also, upon request, provide an Escort Service to members when traveling from one campus location to another.

In order to promote a safe and secure environment, department members, conduct continuous inspections of campus facilities and grounds, reporting maintenance or repair issues to the appropriate campus department(s).

The Annual Security Report and Campus Crime Statistics are available by accessing the Department of Public Safety’s website or the Department of  Education’s  website. Printed copies of the report are also available upon request by contacting the:

Office of Public Safety
Queensborough Community College
222-05 56th Avenue
Bayside, New York 11364

CUNY Alert

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to join CUNY Alert to receive text, voice or email notifications of campus emergencies or weather-related closings. Sign-up is a simple process.