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Office of Community Standards

Library, Room 418
Phone: 718-631-6314
Office of Community Standards Website

Tikola Russell, Dean of Students

Jennifer Klein, Program Manager for Community Standards and Academic Integrity

Erika Gaynor, Administrative Coordinator

The Office of Community Standards is responsible for addressing reports of alleged academic misconduct and behavioral violations. The mission is to engage students in educational conversations and effectively enforce CUNY policies. It is the responsibility of the office to advocate for all students, protect their rights, aid in their well-being, and support their educational goals while furthering the College’s mission, values, and objectives. Additionally, the Office of Community Standards exists to:  

  • Educate students on CUNY policies and potential consequences;  

  • Provide a fair, consistent, educationally-focused process for students alleged of violating CUNY Policies;  

  • Collaborate with the Department of Public Safety and the Counseling Center to protect students, staff, and faculty from disruptive behavior in a manner that is proactive and responsive to the needs of the campus community; 

  • Encourage personal growth and learning experiences;  

  • Offer educational workshops to enhance the college experience; and 

  • Promote communication between faculty, staff, and students that is productive, unified, and unbiased 

For the most up-to-date information regarding student conduct policies at the College please visit the Office of Community Standards.