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BY-AS - Biotechnology


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AS - Associate in Science



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33990 - BY-AS

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The QCC Dual/Joint A.S. /B.S. Degree Program in Biotechnology with York College will equip students with the knowledge and technical skills required to succeed as technicians in the modern biotechnology work environment and will allow QCC graduates to transfer seamlessly into the B.S. in Biotechnology at York. The total employment impact, including direct, indirect, and induced jobs, of the biosciences sector is 7.5 million jobs. U.S. higher education institutions awarded bioscience-related degrees to more than 143,000 students in the 2006 academic year. New York, Northern NJ and Long Island are among the metropolitan areas with the largest employment levels (recent increase of >1000 jobs). Despite the ailing U.S. economy, the biotechnology industry has kept a steady pace in the market.

QCC students will work in modern biotechnology labs with expert faculty and will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on internships and field experiences with local industry and university partners such as the FDA, Stony Brook University and Biotechnology Center, Albert Einstein Medical College and North Shore – Long Island Jewish Hospital. Students should consult faculty advisers in the Department of Biological Sciences and Geology (M-213) for advisement.