Department: Biological Sciences and Geology

Department of Biological Sciences and Geology

Medical Arts Building, Room 213
Biological Sciences and Geology Website

Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Nidhi Gadura, Chairperson

  • Professors: Sharon Ellerton, Nidhi Gadura, Urszula Golebiewska, Eugene Harris, Simran Kaur, David P. Klarberg, Bryn Mader, Andrew Nguyen, Joan Petersen, Patricia Schneider, Raji Subramanian, Mangala Tawde, Monica Trujillo.

  • Associate Professors: Naydu Carmona, Sara Danzi-Engoron, Mohammad Javdan, Chong Jue, Susan McLaughlin, Peter Novick, Gheorghe Proteasa, Christopher  Roblodowski, Roland Scal, Anuradha  Srivastava, Julian Stark, Regina Sullivan, James Timbilla, Areti Tsimounis

  • Assistant Professors: Punita Bhansali, Rondi Davies, Sarbani Ghoshal, Sanjay Koul, Rochelle Nelson, Amos Z. Orlofsky.  

  • Lecturers: Michael Altimari, Steven Frishman, Alison Mello, Scott Sherman, Sushma Teegala

  • Chief College Laboratory Technician: Teresa Salas

  • Senior College Laboratory Technicians: Annette Perez-Lopez, Laura Rachiele

  • College Laboratory Technicians: Ruchel Hammer, Angelita Pierre-Noel, Terrance Rohan

  • Adjunct Faculty: approximately 40 each year

  • Professors Emeriti: Joanna Ambron, Lucia L. Anderson, Sylvia G. Cline, Philip Costa, Francis E. Cotty, Richard G. Cotty, Blanche H. Felton, Sylvia R. Graham, Eugene Leff, Eduardo J. Martí, Dwight Meyer, Richard Pollak, Hugh Rance, Valerie Seeley, Harvey N. Workman

  • Office Personnel:

    • Sofia Flores, CUNY Office Assistant

    • Vivian Hernandez, CUNY Office Assistant

For information about the academic programs, suggested sequences, and courses offered by the Department of Biological Sciences and Geology, contact the following faculty members directly

  • Biology: Dr. Urszula Golebiewska, Dr. Alison Mello, Dr. Peter Novick, Dr. Julian Stark, Dr. Regina Sullivan, Dr. Sushma Teegala

  • Biotechnology: Dr. Nidhi Gadura, Dr. Sarbani Ghoshal, Dr. Peter Novick, Dr. Amos Orlofsky

  • Environmental Science: Dr. Simran Kaur, Dr. Joan Petersen, Dr. Monica Trujillo

  • Geology: Dr. Rondi Davies, Mr. Steven Frishman, Dr. Roland Scal

  • Health Sciences – QCC Concentrations – Dr. Naydu Carmona, Dr. Sharon Ellerton, Dr. Areti Tsimounis, Dr. Andrew Nguyen, Dr. James Timbilla, Dr. Mohammad Javdan, Dr. Gheorge Proteasa, Dr. Mangala Tawde,

    • General Health Sciences

    • Health Services Administration

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Medical Imaging

    • Respiratory Care

  • Medical Assistant: Dr. Punita Bhansali,  Mr. Stephen Whitlock

  • Public Health: Dr. Sarbani Ghoshal, Dr. Sanjay Koul, Dr. Anuradha Srivastava

For Information about additional Allied Health and Pre-Professional Careers, contact the following faculty members directly

  • Education - Secondary (Biology): Dr. Mohammad Javdan, Dr. Bryn Mader, Dr. Christopher Roblodowski

  • Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical: Dr. Sara Danzi-Engoron, Dr. Rochelle Nelson, Dr. Gheorghe Proteasa, Dr. Patricia Schneider, Dr. Raji Subramanian

  • Pre-Veterinarian: Dr. Patricia Schneider

  • Pre-Pharmacy: Dr. Chong Jue, Dr. Julian Stark, Dr. Monica Trujillo

  • Pre-Physical Therapy:  Dr. Michael Altimari, Dr. Eugene Harris

  • Pre-Physician Assistant: Dr. Michael Altimari, Dr. Andrew Nguyen

Programs of Study:

Degree Programs Related to Allied Health

Students who plan to pursue a career in an Allied Health field are recommended to pursue the Health Sciences, Public Health, or Medical Assistant degree programs.

Pre-Professional Study

Students interested in pursuing careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Physical Therapy, or Chiropractic Medicine should NOT pursue the Allied Health degree programs. Instead, they should pursue the A.S. in Biology, A.S in Biotechnology, A.S. in Chemistry, A.S. in Psychology, or the A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences degree. They should also seek advisement from a faculty member in Biology listed under their field of choice above as soon as possible after admission to Queensborough.

Transfer Options

Students interested in Biotechnology or Forensics should consider the Dual/Joint degree programs with York College that lead to both an associate and bachelor’s degree in the field. Additionally, Queensborough Community College currently has agreements with the following colleges’ programs that allow students to complete a bachelor’s degree in an efficient manner after transfer. 

Hunter College 

  • A.S. in Public Health to B.S. in Community Health 

Molloy College 

  • A.S. in Biology to B.S. in Biology, General Biological Sciences Track

  • A.S. in Biology to B.S. in Biology, Pre-Allied Medical Programs Track

  • A.S. in Biology to B.S. in Biology, Pre-Professional Medical Programs Track

  • A.S. in Environmental Science to B.S. in Environmental Science 

  • A.S. in Health Sciences to B.S. in Nuclear Medicine Technology

  • A.S. in Health Sciences to B.S. in Respiratory Care

Queens College 

  • A.S. in Biology to B.A. in Biology 

  • A.S. in Biotechnology to B.A. in Biology 

  • A.S. in Environmental Science to B.A. or B.S. in Environmental Science 

St. John’s University 

  • A.S. in Biology to B.S. in Biology 

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.S. in Biology

  • A.S. in Health Sciences (Health Services Administration) to B.S. in Health and Human Services (Healthcare)

SUNY Maritime College 

  • A.S. in Environmental Science to B.S. in Marine Environmental Science 

Touro University

  • A.S. in Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy) to B.S. in Health Sciences and M.S. in Occupational Therapy

York College 

  • A.S. in Health Sciences to B.S. in Health Professions 

  • A.S. in Public Health to B.S. in Public Health 

Those interested in the Dual/Joint program or the transfer agreements should contact the Transfer Resource Center or the Department for more information. 


The Department offers a variety of courses with both lecture and laboratory components. Laboratory sections are scheduled into one of sixteen different laboratory classrooms. Each of the four major laboratory areas is serviced by a technician’s preparation complex. The Department maintains its own computer facility instructional resource area that is used by both students and faculty as an ancillary to formal classroom presentations; as an instructional center for several courses; and as a study/tutoring center for students requiring such assistance. In addition, a greenhouse supplies materials for courses and serves as a laboratory for plant-related courses.

Departmental Awards for Student Excellence

  • Scholastic Excellence in Biological Sciences

  • Scholastic Excellence in Biotechnology

  • Scholastic Excellence in Environmental Health

  • Scholastic Excellence in Health Sciences

  • Scholastic Excellence in the Medical Assistant Program

  • The Dr. Joanna Ambron Research Award

  • The Drs. Edith Lea and Herbert Schnall Scholarship for Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Students

  • The Dr. Harold J. Smolin Endowed Award for Medical Office Assistant