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TM-AAS - Massage Therapy


Official Name of Program

Massage Therapy

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

AAS - Associate in Applied Science



NYSED Program Code

27307 - TM-AAS

CIP Code


The Massage Therapy program was developed to meet the growing interest and ever-increasing demand for licensed professional therapists. Massage therapy is one of the oldest known therapeutic treatments and has gained increased acceptance as a licensed therapeutic modality. The National Institutes of Health recognizes it as an important non-invasive form of treatment. This program gives students an opportunity to participate in inclusive health care education that incorporates the diversity of health perceptions in our ever-changing society and provides them with opportunities for jobs in a variety of settings. Today, massage therapists work in medical offices, wellness centers, hospitals, rehabilitation/pain control centers and other health care facilities, sports/dance and health clubs, alternative/complementary health centers, retirement communities, corporate and business offices, as well as in private practice.

The curriculum offers a strong foundation in the biological sciences, together with a broad base of general education in the liberal arts and sciences. The program offers comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical application of both Eastern and Western massage therapy techniques. Opportunities are provided to work with clients/patients in a variety of settings under the super-vision of qualified licensed faculty members. The program is based on a medical/holistic health framework; students are introduced to therapeutic modalities that are complementary to the practice. The program meets New York State Department of Education’s requirements for massage therapy programs. Students will be prepared to sit for the New York State licensing examination upon graduation.

Massage Therapy Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate a strong foundation in the biological sciences, together with a broad based general education in the liberal arts.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency in the art and science of massage therapy, within a medical/holistic health framework.

  • Comprehend theoretical knowledge of and apply Eastern and Western massage therapy techniques.

  • Work with clients/patients in a variety of settings, under the direct supervision of a licensed faculty member.

  • Demonstrate understanding of professional issues, including legal and ethical concerns, business practices and the importance of continuing their education throughout their career.

  • Prepare for application for licensure in New York State.In addition to tuition and fees, students should expect to spend approximately $1000 for books, supplies and uniforms.