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CSS-AS - Computer Science and Information Security


Official Name of Program

Computer Science and Information Security

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

AS - Associate in Science



NYSED Program Code

38822 - CSS-AS (JJC-38823)

CIP Code


The Computer Science and Information Security (CSS) program provides students with the fundamental knowledge required for entry into the fields of computer programming, digital forensics, and cybersecurity. Protecting the security and integrity of computer data and systems is ever-more vital for businesses and organizations worldwide, and demand for qualified cybersecurity analysts, specialists and consultants is growing.

This dual-joint degree program with John Jay School of Criminal Justice allows students to earn an A.S. degree and complete the first two years of college at Queensborough. They then can choose to be automatically admitted to John Jay College of Criminal Justice to complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Students may also choose to continue at John Jay for a master’s degree. Core courses in the A.S. major include: Python Programming and Applications, Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Computer Architecture, the Linux Operating System, Computer Networking and Network Security.

CSS offers the background needed in troubleshooting and computing to stop the abuse and misuse of computers, data networks, information systems and information infrastructures, in the environment of ever advancing digital technology. Apart from graduates in traditional computer science programs, CSS graduates will gain specific skills in the cybersecurity field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects rapid growth in cybersecurity-related jobs over the next decade due to a very high demand for trained individuals.

The CSS program allows students to pursue further education and careers in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Develops, Cloud Computing as well as other related Information Technology fields. The curriculum emphasizes core computer science principles and a foundation in cybersecurity as well as a pathway to obtain in-demand computer industry certifications.