Department: Physics

Department of Physics

Science Building, Room 340
Physics Department Website

Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Raul Armendariz, Chairperson

  • Dr. Paul Marchese, Deputy Chairperson

  • Professors: Tak David Cheung, Todd M. Holden, David H. Lieberman, Paul J. Marchese

  • Associate Professors: Raul Armendariz, M. Chantale Damas, Sunil Dehipawala, Wenli Guo, Dimitrios Kokkinos, Charles P. Neuman, Vazgen Shekoyan, Rex Taibu

  • Assistant Professors: Jill Bellovary

  • Lecturer: George Tremberger, Jr.

  • Senior College Laboratory Technicians: Alexei Kisselev, Arkadiy Portnoy

  • Adjunct Faculty: approximately 12 each year

  • Professors Emeriti: Chao-Wen Chin, Don P. Engelberg, Sheldon E. Kaufman, Elie Lowy, Joseph Shaffer, Victor Young

  • Office Personnel: Francesca R. Gianferrara, CUNY Administrative Assistant

For information about academic programs offered by the Department of Physics, contact the Department.

Programs of Study

Transfer Options

Within the CUNY System, many colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in physics. (See CUNY's Academic Programs website for more information.) City College, the College of Staten Island, and a number of SUNY Campuses offer Bachelor of Engineering programs. Queensborough Community College currently has agreements with the following programs that allow graduates to complete a bachelor’s degree in an efficient manner after transfer.

Queens College

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.A. in Physics

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.S. in Physics

  • A.S. in Physics to B.A. in Physics

  • A.S. in Physics to B.S. in Physics

New York City College of Technology

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.S. in Applied Computational Physics

  • A.S. in Physics to B.S. in Applied Computational Physics

York College

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.S. in Physics

  • A.S. in Physics to B.S. in Physics

Those interested in a transfer agreement should contact the Transfer Resource Center or the Department for more information.

Departmental Awards for Student Excellence

  • The Dinah L. Moché Award for excellence in Astronomy 

  • The Amy E. Bieber Memorial Award for excellence in Physics