Department: Mathematics and Computer Science

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Science Building, Room 245
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Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Haishen Yao, Chairperson

  • Dr. Tian Ren, Deputy Chairperson

  • Dr. Zeynep Ozkan Akcay, Co-Deputy Chairperson

  • Danielle Cifone, Adjunct Coordinator

  • Professors:  Haya Adner, Jonathan Cornick, Maria Mercedes Franco, Yusuf Gurtas, Robert Holt, Azita Mayeli, Clara Wajngurt, Haishen Yao

  • Associate Professors: Zeynep Ozkan Akcay, Andrew Bulawa, Robert Donley, Jonathon Funk, Daniel Garbin, Francis Jordan, Kwang Hyun Kim, Carolyn King, Whan Ki Lee, Wen Jian Liu, Nam Jong Moh, Davide Pham, Karan Mohan Puri, Tian Ren, Howard Sporn, Kostas Stroumbakis, Patrick Wallach, Biao Wang, Fei Ye,

  • Assistant Professors: Lyubomir I. Boyadzhiev, Susana Filipa Couto-Pinheiro, Yusuf Danisman, Mathieu Sassolas, Venessa Singhroy, Bianca Sosnovski, Esma Yildirim

  • Lecturers: Changiz Alizadeh, Beata Carvajal, Steven Cheng, Kwai Chiu, Danielle Cifone, John Gordon, Nataliya Khomyak, Lixu Li, Lucian Makalanda, Richard Micieli, Andrew Russell, Kenneth Schmidt, Eric Sponza, Ewa Stelmach, Evelyn Y. Tam, Reuvain Zahavy

  • Senior College Laboratory Technicians: Djeon Cornelius, Marius Jaskowski, Alexander R. Martinez

  • Higher Education Officers: 

    • Edward Molina, Director of Mathematics Computer Facilities

    • Elizabeth Nercessian, Director of the Mathematics Learning Center

  • Assistant to Higher Education Officer: Namsik Baek, Assistant Director of Math Learning Center

  • Adjunct Faculty: approximately 30 each year

  • Professors Emeriti: Allan G. Anderson, Dona Boccio, Alan Chutsky, Juliana Corn, Mona Fabricant, Whitney S. Harris, Jr., Roza Rusinek, Leonard Yonis

  • Office Personnel:

    • Carol A. Schilling, CUNY Administrative Assistant

    • Rossana Zuniga, CUNY Office Assistant

For information about academic study in Mathematics, contact the Department of Mathematics or the following advisers directly: 

  • Mathematics Sequence: Dr. Zeynep Akcay, Dr. Tian Ren, and Dr. Haishen Yao

  • Computer Science Sequence: Dr. Esma Yildirim

  • Mathematics Education/TIMEQCC Sequence: Mr. Steven Cheng

Program of Study

Transfer Options

Within the CUNY System, many colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in mathematics, computer science and related majors. (See CUNY's Academic Programs website for more information.) Additionally, Queensborough Community College currently has agreements with the following colleges and programs that allow graduates to complete a bachelor’s degree in an efficient manner after transfer.

New York City College of Technology

  • A.S. in Mathematics to B.S. in Applied Mathematics

  • A.S. in Mathematics to B.S. in Mathematics Education

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.S. in Applied Mathematics

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  • A.S. in Mathematics to B.S. in Applied Mathematics

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.S. in Applied Mathematics

Queens College

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.A. in Computer Science

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.S. in Computer Science

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.A. in Applied Mathematics

  • A.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences to B.A. in Pure Mathematics

 Those interested in the transfer agreements should contact the Transfer Resource Center or the Department for more information.

Support Services for Students

  • The Computer Research Lab (Science Building, Room 218) offers advanced students the opportunity to do individual research in a state-of-the-art computer facility.

  • The Computer Classrooms (Science Building, Rooms 219 & 329) provides a hands-on classroom for mathematics and computer science students.

  • The Distance Learning Lab for math teachers (Science Building, Room 220) provides a state-of-the-art classroom for prospective secondary math teachers. Also used for faculty development and honors courses.

  • The staff of the Mathematics Learning Center (Science Building, Room 216) provides help for students at all levels of mathematics instruction. Individual tutoring and videotapes are available together with a library of source books and material in various areas of mathematics.

Departmental Awards for Student Excellence

  • The Allen Barnes Award

  • The Joseph Bertorelli Award

  • The Sondra J. Farber Memorial Award

  • The Burt Kleinman Award

  • The Mathematics and Computer Science Department Award

  • The SUN Scholarship Award

  • Our SUN Endowment Award