Department: Foreign Languages and Literatures

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Humanities Building, Room 217
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Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Jose Osorio, Chairperson

  • Professors: Aranzazu Borrachero, José Luis Madrigal, José Osorio, Maurizio Santoro

  • Associate Professors: Luisa Garcia-Conde, Wei Lai, Eladia Raya, Sharon Reeves, Laura Sabani

  • Assistant Professors: Carolina Chaves-O’Flynn, Melida Sanchez

  • Lecturers: Umberto D’Arista

  • Senior College Laboratory Technician: Darryl A. Williams

  • Adjunct Faculty: approximately 18 each year

  • Professors Emeriti: Antonella Ansani, Anne-Marie Bourbon, Gerardo Ciarambino, Lorena Ellis, Isabel H. Norman, Maria E. Stoffers

  • Office Personnel:

    • Rosalyn Smernoff, CUNY Administrative Assistant

    • Jenny Rivera-Artesona, College Assistant

Program Of Study

Language Placement Procedures

Important Note:
All incoming and continuing students planning to take foreign language classes need to be placed at their proper level by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures before registering. In order to determine proper placement, prior to registration in a foreign language course students will be asked to fill out a Language Background Survey. The faculty member or adviser will place the student according to the information provided on the survey.

Spanish speaking students planning to enroll for the first time in a Spanish language or literature course, MUST take a placement test to determine the appropriate course for their level of proficiency.

Students who have not been placed by the Department or advisers, and who enroll in courses that are above or below their knowledge of the language, will be asked to transfer to the appropriate course during the first weeks of class.

The Queensborough Community College administration has acknowledged that the instructor has the final say as to the course appropriate for each student’s language level.

For all questions about the placement process, please contact our office in Room 217 of the Humanities Building (718-631-6259).

Students May Choose:

  1. To continue a language previously studied (level and sequence of courses are determined by the Department of Foreign Languages or an adviser according to student’s proficiency level and knowledge of the language).


  2. To start a new language of their choice. Languages offered: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Students who have received Advanced Placement (AP) credit in high school should contact the Chairperson of the Foreign Languages and Literatures department to receive appropriate college credit.

Language Laboratory

Regular listening, speaking and viewing activities are a graded part of all elementary and intermediate language courses. Activities are to be completed in the Language Laboratory and/or online.

The Language Laboratory (Humanities Building, Room 240) is open to students who have required assignments in the lab and to those who wish to supplement their classwork with additional listening and speaking practice, or to enhance their cultural knowledge.

Multi-media available in the lab include: audio exercises, videos, online grammar exercises and games, as well as foreign language feature films with English subtitles. Materials are available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish