Department: English

Department of English

Humanities Building, H-428 and H-324
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Faculty and Staff

  • Dr. Jennifer Maloy, Chairperson

  • Dr. Kathleen Alves, Dr. Ilse Schrynemakers, Deputy Co-Chairpersons

  • Professors: Kitty Bateman, Julia Carroll, Beth Counihan, Jean Darcy, Margot Edlin, David Humphries, Susan Jacobowitz, Zivah Perel Katz, Linda Reesman, Regina Rochford, David Shimkin, John Talbird, Jilani Warsi

  • Associate Professors: Kathleen Alves, Leah Anderst, Aliza Atik, Trikartikaningsih Byas, Elise Denbo, Melissa Dennihy, Noelia Diaz, Robin Ford, George Fragopoulos, Joel Kuszai, Cary Lane, Matthew Lau, Christopher Leary, Jennifer Maloy, Robert McAlear, Vartan Messier, Benjamin Miller, Cara Murray, Jan Ramjerdi, Angela Ridinger-Dotterman, William Ryan, Mark Schiebe, Ilse Schrynemakers, Danny Sexton, Jed Shahar, Kerri-Ann Smith, Elizabeth Toohey, Agnieszka Tuszynska, Weier Ye, Tanya Zhelezcheva

  • Assistant Professors: Charissa Che, Joan Dupre, Meghmala Tarafdar

  • Doctoral Lecturer: Raquel Corona

  • Lecturers: Alisa Cercone, Alison Cimino, Michael Dolan, Susan Hock, Susan Lago, Manuel Martinez, Holly O’Donnell, Valerie Peyer, David Rothman, Tammi Rothman, Madiha Shameem, Brigitte Tilley, Irvin Weathersby, Sybil White, John Yi

  • Senior College Laboratory Technician: Mahir Hossain, Peter Irigoyen

  • Adjunct Faculty: approximately 30 each year

  • Professors Emeriti: Doris R. Asmundsson, Alfred Dorn, Terezinha Fonseca, Sheena Gillespie, Allen H. Lanner, Robert S. McLean, Eli Merchant, Anthony Pipolo, Alan Schwartz, Sidney Shanker, Robert R. Singleton, Linda Stanley, Karen Wunsch

  • Office Personnel:

    • Margaret Chin Quee, CUNY Office Assistant

    • Rosita Saldivar, CUNY Office Assistant

    • Lusine Manucharyan, CUNY College Assistant

    • Holly McLean, CUNY College Assistant

For information about academic programs in English, contact the Department or the following advisers directly:

  • Writing Program Director: Dr. Robin Ford

  • WID/WAC Program Co-Coordinator: Dr. Elise Denbo

  • Creative Writing: Prof. Benjamin Miller, Prof. Alison Cimino

  • Journalism: Dr. Elizabeth Toohey, Prof. Alisa Cercone

Programs of Study:

Transfer Options

Within the CUNY System, many colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in English, American Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. (See CUNY's Academic Programs website for more information.)  Additionally, Queensborough Community College currently has an agreement with the following program that allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in English in an efficient manner after transfer.

Queens College

  • A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences (English Concentration) to B.A. in English at Queens College

Those interested in the transfer agreement should contact the Transfer Resource Center or the Department for more information.

English Placement

Please see Placement and Testing for information on English placement at Queensborough Community College.


These courses (ENGL-201 and higher) emphasize critical reading and are open to all students who have completed ENGL-102. With Departmental permission, students may take electives concurrently with ENGL-102.

Departmental Awards for Student Excellence

  • Dr. Arnold Asrelsky Award for achievement in writing and literature by an Evening Student

  • The Sheena Gillespie Literary Award

  • The Marcia Keizs Award for outstanding achievement in literature and writing for students in the Education Curriculum

  • The Smithline/Trefman Awards for outstanding creative writing pieces

  • The Linda Stanley Award for the writing of non-fiction

  • The Herbert Seitz Award for Liberal Arts students in financial need

  • The Harold Stolerman Award for outstanding English 101 essays

  • The Hedy Jacobowitz Memorial Award for outstanding writing in Journalism

  • The Meredith Young Endowed Award for a single parent

The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

ALP allows developmental students to take college-level English (ENGL-101) concurrently with a developmental course (ENGL-99). Students with a deep developmental need should also consider CUNY Start. ESL students should consider ENGL-90 and the CLIP program. For more information, please see Placement and Testing.