Department: Business

Department of Business

Administration Building, Room 405
Business Department Website

  • Associate Professor Sebastian Benjamin Murolo, Chairperson

  • Professors: Christine Mooney, James B. Rosa, Mona E. Seiler, Kathleen Villani, Edward Volchok

  • Associate Professors: Kelly Ford, Wendy Ford, Leslie Francis, Anthony Kolios, Christina Manzo, Linda Meltzer, Ben Milchman, Sebastian Benjamin Murolo, Ted Rosen, Nina Sarkar, Cheryl Tokke

  • Assistant Professors: Virginia Masterson, Wilfredo Moran, Mark Ulrich, Roumen Vragov

  • Lecturers: Layne L. Bonaparte, Barbara Frary, Hsiaofang (Sharon) Huang, Marilyn Katz, Humberto Morales

  • Chief College Laboratory Technician: John B. Luby 

  • Senior College Laboratory Technicians: Mahendra Mohan

  • Adjunct Faculty: approximately 50 each year

  • Professors Emeriti: Paul Alexander, Abraham Axelrud, Jonas Falik, Stanley J. Garfunkel, Karen R. Grant, Dennis J. Green, Brenda B. Hersh, Esther H. Highland, Saul Karasyk, Milton N. Katz, Howard L. Lapidus, Melchiore L. LaSala, Arlene Moriber, Phyllis Pace, Theresa M. Reilly, Nancy L. Rutherford, Helen N. Saputo, Philip Schulman, Steven L. Shapiro, Shirley Silvers, Sheldon Somerstein, Michael L. Trombetta, Benjamin Wieder, Hyman Wolfson

  • Office Personnel:

    • Mary Flohr, CUNY Office Assistant 

    • Wenmey Ting, CUNY Office Assistant 

  • Program Coordinators:

    • Christina Manzo, Accounting

    • Wendy Ford, Computer Information Systems 

    • Nina Sarkar, Management

    • Sebastian Benjamin Murolo, Office Administration and Technology

  • Evening Supervisors: Kelly Ford, Mark Ulrich

Programs of Study

For more information about the programs offered by the Department of Business, contact the Department directly.

Transfer Options

Students interested in Forensic Accounting should consider the Dual/Joint degree program with John Jay College that leads to both an associate and bachelor’s degree in the field. Within the CUNY System, many colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in Business, Accounting, Computer Information Systems, and related majors. (See CUNY's Academic Programs website for more information.) Additionally, Queensborough Community College currently has agreements with the following programs that allow graduates to complete a bachelor’s degree in an efficient manner after transfer.

CUNY School of Professional Studies

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Business

New York City College of Technology

  • A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems to B.Tech. in Computer Systems

St. John’s University

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Business

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Economics

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. Finance

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Management

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Marketing

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Risk Management and Insurance

SUNY at Old Westbury

  • A.A.S. in Accounting to B.S. in Accounting

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Accounting

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Business Administration (General Business)

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Business Administration (Management)

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. Finance

  • A.S. in Business Administration to B.S. in Marketing

Those interested in the Dual/Joint program or the transfer agreements should contact the Transfer Resource Center or the Department for more information.


Six degree programs in the Queensborough Community College Business Department are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP): A.S. In Accounting for Forensic Accounting, A.S. in Business Administration, A.A.S in Accounting, A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems, A.A.S. in Management, A.A.S. in Office Administration and Technology.

Support Services for Students

When classes are not scheduled in our computer classrooms, these rooms are open as labs. Business students are invited to use these rooms to study software and to work on assignments.

Business Department Advisory Board

  • Associate Professor Sebastian Benjamin Murolo, Chair

  • Mr. Seth Bornstein

  • Mr. John Cullen

  • Mr. Frank Korzekwinski

  • Mr. Richard T. Maher 

  • Mr. Scott O’Sullivan 

  • Ms. Conchita Tucker 

  • Ms. Lynnann Whitbeck

  • Mr. Shane Seaman

Departmental Awards for Student Excellence

  • Academic Excellence Certificate Awards in 

    • Accounting

    • Accounting/Forensic

    • Business Administration (Transfer Program) 

    • Computer Information Systems 

    • Management

    • Office Administration and Technology 

  • The Harry Berlin Award

  • The Vicki Kasomenakis Business Society Award

  • The Doris and Milton Katz Memorial Scholarship Award 

  • The Helen Krizman Memorial Award

  • The Arthur Werner Memorial Award 

  • The Henry Winkler Scholarship Award