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Enrollment Options

Online Courses

The College offers online or "eLearning" courses, which use the Internet for lectures, assignments, labs and tests. There are two types of online courses. The first is fully online in which the majority of the course is taught online, with either some organized online class meetings (synchronous) or all work completed individually (asynchronous). The second is partly online (also called blended or hybrid), which involves both traditional classroom meetings and online work. Some fully online courses require on-campus orientation and/or completion of the Student eLearning Readiness Program.

To participate in online learning effectively, students must have experience browsing the Web, storing and retrieving computer files, using email, and sending and receiving attachments via email. They must be disciplined, self-directed, and prepared to spend a significant amount of time on each online course.

Different online courses are offered each semester; check the CUNYfirst semester schedule of classes to see current course offerings. The instruction mode and meeting mode for online courses are available in the schedule.

All eLearning courses require that students have regular access to a computer with an Internet connection.

Evening and Weekend Study

In addition to pursuing classes during the daytime hours, students may take the opportunity to attend part-time or full-time evening and/or on weekends. Students may take courses as matriculated or non-degree students. Requirements for Associate degree and certificate programs are outlined on the programs of study pages. Non-degree students who wish to pursue a degree or certificate may change their status at any time by following the procedures outlined in the Admissions section.

The College strives to provide a range of support services for evening and weekend students, including advisement, career counseling, tutoring, and a variety of cultural and social activities.

Weekend  Program in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Students also have the option of attending part-time in the “week-end-only” Associate degree program in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students pursuing this degree program may complete all requirements in the weekend-only format, which includes Friday evening classes and Saturday and Sunday classes. Requirements for completing this Associate degree are the same as they are for the day or evening session.

Summer/Winter Session

The Summer/Winter Sessions offer students the opportunity to accelerate their studies or to catch up. Classes are held in the day and evening and are open to both degree (matriculated) and non-degree (nonmatriculated) students. Many courses are offered on an intensive schedule to accommodate those who wish to complete their studies in a minimal period of time.

Students enrolled in another college (visiting students) who wish to attend a summer or winter session at Queensborough are advised to obtain permits from their colleges in advance of registration to ensure that the course credits they take will be recognized by their home institutions. Students should file for admission to the Summer or Winter Session as early as possible, and they should bring proof of their MMR immunization to admissions. Check QCC Web site for latest information and online application.

The listing of the courses offered and the fees and registration information are available online using the CUNYfirst schedule of classes.

University Skills Immersion Program

The University Skills Immersion Program (USIP) at Queensborough Community College, a tuition-free program during the Winter and Summer sessions, enables incoming students who have been accepted into a degree program and continuing students to satisfy developmental requirements prior to the beginning of classes in the following semester. Supplemented by an array of tutoring services, this program offers developmental workshops in English and math. Although the Winter and Summer program is free, students are responsible for any expenses related to travel and textbooks. All developmental workshops meet four days a week. Some evening and online workshops are available. A selection of specific sections of Summer and Winter offerings will be made on the basis of availability and enrollment. Please see your advisor for more information about USIP math and English workshops.