Mathematics Learning Center

Science Building, Room 216
Phone: 718-281-5625
Math Learning Center Website

Elizabeth Nercessian, Director

The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC), managed by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,  is committed to providing high quality one-to-one tutoring, small group learning, and workshops for all QCC students registered in a math course. The Center’s collaborative learning modality supports students with a stimulating, productive, and friendly atmosphere. The Center’s services are free and accessible to all QCC students. The MLC offers in-person and on-line tutoring sessions. Students are paired with knowledgeable tutors that can address their academic needs. Innovative pedagogical techniques, as well as educational technology, such as smart boards and graphing calculators, are incorporated into the tutoring sessions. In order to ensure the highest quality of service to students, the Mathematics Learning Center tutors receive on-going training and professional development 

 Math Center Services:

  • Provide one-to-one, in-person and on-line, tutoring sessions for all QCC math courses

  • Provide small group sessions that are organized by course or upon students’ request that enable students to work with their peers

  • Provide exam review sessions, including midterm and final exams, to help reinforce course material and prepare for upcoming exams

  • Provide Math Workshops during the Summer & Winter sessions to fulfill students’ remedial needs thereby allowing students to register for credit bearing courses for the Fall or Spring semesters

Attending weekly tutoring sessions can help strengthen understanding of course material. Instructors and Advisors may refer students to the Mathematics Learning Center through Starfish. Students are encouraged to request tutoring appointments by visiting the Center in-person, through email or Starfish. The Math Center is open Monday thru Saturday during the Fall & Spring semesters. The Center’s current schedule can be found on our website. Call, email, or visit our website for additional information.